Name in Japanese セレナ
Rōmaji Translation Serena
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Asami Sanada
Voice Actor (English) Nicole Bouma
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Edel Raid

Selena (セレナ Serena?) is an Edel Raid with blond hair and a blue Elemental Gelade on her lower left arm. She once lived at Arc Aile's protection facilities, a place that was said to be filled with happiness, but all she felt was loneliness. She flees the idealistic society and runs off to return to her old village. Her journey home is not a joyful one because Edel Raid hunters like Wolx Hound is on the pursuit to capture her. With the help of Cou and Ren, she safely returns home only to discover her home that she once lived in is occupied by an unknown person and the young children she used to play with has grown very old. To her dismay, she discovers her lover had died a year ago from old age. She blames Arc Aile for her sadness.

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