Partin Cels
Name in Japanese パーティン・セルス
Rōmaji Translation Paatin Serusu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hyo-sei
Voice Actor (English) Sharon Alexander
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Edel Raid (manga)
Sting Raid (anime)

Partin Cels (パーティン・セルス, Paatin Serusu), better known as Parl (パール, Paaru), is a weak Edel Raid, compared to Kuea and Ren, and Beazon's partner. In the anime, Parl is a Sting Raid instead. When reacting with Beazon, Parl creates a large lion head cannon on his left hand and a giant sword on his other arm. She becomes a Sting Raid because Beazon wanted power and she wanted to be that power to show him her love. However, Beazon thinks of her as just a tool, completely obsessed with obtaining Ren's power after discovering her. Parl's Elemental Gelade (Sting Raid crest in the anime) is shattered by Cou's attack and she becomes a normal human again.

In the anime, after Beazon's final battle with Cou, she manages to survive and seemingly reforms as she smiles at Cou and Ren as they hurry to escape the crumbling castle. She is later shown bandaging her arm sitting atop the rubble at the episode's end. She later joins the Red Lynx sky pirates towards the end of the anime and seems to be paired with Boss.

In the manga, she has reappeared in recent chapters with bandages on her face. Beazon became crazy after the fight against Cou and Ren. The incident at Beazon's manor has also left her mentally unstable and she appears to suffer from an inferiority complex towards Ren (and by extension, all Shichiko-Hoju). She harbors a single-minded vendetta against Cou and Ren and seems obsessed with the notion of defeating them in order to prove that a normal Edel Raid can surpass the power of a Shichiko-Hoju.

She reacted with her sister (Beiroon) who was also an Edel Raid in order to fight and kill Cou to show Ren how painful it is to lost her partner and kill her at the end. Parl failed and Beiroon finished her because she could not support to see her being more and more crazy and defeated angain. Beiroon comitted suicide and joined her in the death because she loved her more than her own life.