Jelio Velsown
Name in Japanese ジィリオ・ヴェルスーン
Rōmaji Translation Jirio Verusūn
Debut (Manga) Volume 01
Appears in Manga
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Edel Raid
Status Active

Jelio Velsown (ジィリオ・ヴェルスーン Jiirio Verusūn), better known as Jeen (ジィン Jiin), is a character prominent in the Elemental Gelade spin off; Flag of Blue Sky. Jeen was previously the Edel Raid of King Shinga, Jeen now serves his daughter Achea in her crusade of revenge to wreck Edel Garden for destroying her country.


Light Jeen

Jeen's "Light form"

Jeen is a tall, slender young woman with pale skin (especially compared to the people of Fuajarl) with short navy hair accessorized by one braid. Her face is almost masculine (in a bishonen way) and despite her costume changes she will always wear long sleeves and a revealed midriff. She has dark ink blue eyes and her Gelade is located on her right wrist. In a note by the artist they joked that instead of tanning Jeen bleaches in the sun.

Jeen Weapon

Jeen's "Translucent Form" fighting a member of Edel Garden.

In weapon form Jeen changes from translucent to a blinding light. Sparks of light dance of off her with every swing, supposedly making the Velsown clan the most beautiful of weapons. Although when not enveloped in shards of light Jeen is a very thin and simple translucent blade.


She is very blunt when speaking and will often go against Achea's wishes in order to secure her safety.



Jeen's Gelade: it is unknown what color it is, but is most likely Sapphire.

It is confirmed in the story that she is one of the Shichiko-hoji and is very likely the reason Edel Garden attacked Fuajarl. It's said that the Velsown family has served the royal family for generations and Shinga has even said himself that he sees Jeen as a daughter. This may be the reason as to why he had Jeen locked up with Achea during the raid as opposed to using her in battle to defend his people.


Jeen's song

Jeen's contracting song to Achea.

Shinga's death haunts Jeen deeply and is not helped by Achea blaming her for not protecting him. For an Edel Raid in the series, Jeen is rarely used by her new Pledger, Achea, who prefers to use her own sword instead.

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