Name in Japanese グラディアス
Rōmaji Translation Guradiasu
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ken Narita
Voice Actor (English) Trevor Devall
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation/s Chaos Choir

Gladius (グラディアス, Guradiasu) is an enforcer and punisher of Chaos Choir. In the anime, he is able to materialize a sword, but it is not revealed if the sword is a tiny Edel Raid who hides in his sleeve. He arrives to kill Lonble and battles the group at the Buffalo Festival. With his Darkness Edel Raid, Idwy, and superior skills, he overpowers any attack made by the group. Ren and Cou, with the last vestiges of their strength, manage to throw him off balance with a light attribute attack, which Idwy was vulnerable to, and then finish him with a massive final strike. He escapes, but back at Orga Night Headquarters he is killed by Grayarts and his new light-attribute Edel Raid, which impaled him with multiple energy blades.