Name in Japanese イヴ
Rōmaji Translation Ivu
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Haruhi Terada
Voice Actor (English) Nicole Oliver
Personal Info
Gender Female

Eve (イヴ Ivu?) is the queen of Edel Garden but solely is used against her will by the members of Chaos Choir.


Eve appearance is similar to Ren except her gelade is blue.


Being on the verge of death, she calls Ren in her dreams to travel to Edel Garden to take her place. Cou follows Ren and Eve learns of how greatly Cou loves Ren. After Orfus uses her reaction with Aljeena and Jilltail to kill Cou, Eve uses the last of her strength to revive Cou, apologizing for everything she had caused by calling to Ren. Even after death, Eve's spirit helped Cou break through to Ren and free her of Chaos Choir's control of her by helping him release the forgotten song.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eve has the power to create Sting Raids, the sole reason that Orfus and the others used her powers for years.