Elemental Gelade Episode 26
The Song For The Sky And Tomorrow
Name in Japanese 天空と未来の謳
Rōmaji Translation Sora to Ashita no Uta
Release Date 27 September 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Naruhisa Arakawa
Storyboard Shigeru Ueda
Episode Director Shigeru Ueda
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The Song For The Sky And Tomorrow (天空と未来の謳, Sora to Ashita no Uta) is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the 2005 anime series Elemental Gelade. The episode was first aired on 27 September 2005 in Japan, and 24 July 2007 in America.


Coud and the others are no match against Ren reacted with the three Chaos Choir leaders, but they continue to fight to save Ren. During the battle, Eve contacts Coud telepathically to sing a song within him. Chanting the song, Ren regains control of her body and sings the lost song with Coud. Contracts between Edel Raids and pleasures are broken and the Chaos Choir leaders are shocked because they did not believe the prophecy will come true. They declare their defeat and the war is over. Coud goes back to his life as a Red Lynx sky pirate and Ren stays with him in the end.