Elemental Gelade Episode 21
The Truth Unfolds
Name in Japanese 明かされた真実
Rōmaji Translation Akasareta Shinjitsu
Release Date 23 August 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Katsura Murayama
Storyboard Yuuichi Nihei
Episode Director Naoki Hishikawa
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The Truth Unfolds (明かされた真実, Akasareta Shinjitsu) is the twenty-first episode of the 2005 anime series Elemental Gelade. The episode was first aired on 23 August 2005 in Japan, and 19 June 2007 in America.


Ren becomes ill and the group decides to find a place to rest. They find shelter in an abandoned village. In the middle of the night, they are attacked by Orfus, Jilltail, and Aljeena from Chaos Choir. Coud and the others manage to overpower them. Ren unreacts after she is suddenly contacted by Eve and with Coud defensiveless, he becomes badly hurt.