Elemental Gelade Episode 18
Fictitious React
Name in Japanese 偽りの同契
Rōmaji Translation Itsuwari no Riakuto
Release Date 2 August 2005
Production Staff
Screenplay Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Storyboard Naoki Hishikawa
Episode Director Naoki Hishikawa
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Fictitious React (偽りの同契, Itsuwari no Riakuto) is the eighteenth episode of the 2005 anime series Elemental Gelade. The episode was first aired on 2 August 2005 in Japan, and 29 May 2007 in America.


Viro reacts with Coud and defeats Marl. She leaves the group because Cisqua suspects her of being a spy and devises a plan to group with them again by leading the group to a dangerous part of the desert. She falls victim to her own plan, but she is saved by Coud. She regains Cisqua's trust with her attempt to save them and the group takes her as a guide to Edel Garden.