The Elemental Gelade manga was first serialized in the Japanese shōnen/seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Blade on February 28, 2002. The manga is written and illustrated by Mayumi Azuma. In the summer of 2003, A.D. Vision announced that they will be publishing the manga to the North American audience. However, Tokyopop is the licensor and publisher in the United Kingdom and North America. The English translation is done by Alethea and Athena Nibley and the English adaption is done by Jordon Capell. The manga has recently reached its final conclusion at the eighteenth volume, along with the releases of two guide books. Compared to the anime adaptation, the manga has a much darker story.

A spin off series called Erementar Gerad -Flag of Blue Sky-, also by Mayumi Azuma, was first serialized in the Japanese bi-monthly manga magazine Comic Blade Masamune on June 15, 2003, but then migrated in the monthly magazine Comic Blade Avarus on September 15, 2007. Flag of Blue Sky takes place two years after the original story and stars a new heroine named Acheaburca Fuajarl XIV, a princess of the Fuajarl Kingdom. A video promoting the new series was released but there are currently no plans for an anime adaptation.