An Edel Raid is a humanoid female being that can merge with humans to become living weapons. Each Edel Raid can only 'React' with one human at a time to become a weapon. To be able to 'react' with someone else, their Pledger (human) has to be killed. All Edel Raids are marked with a gem somewhere on their body. These gems - called Elemental Gelades - store all their power. A normal human girl can become an Edel Raid by having an Elemental Gelade implanted in them. These hybrids are called 'Sting Raids' but are not as powerful as true Edel Raids. Edel Raids are also capable of using "songs" (謳), which are the equivalent of magical spells. If the Elemental Gelade is removed then they turn into normal women.


All Edel Raids are born in Edel Garden. Their lifespan is hundreds of years longer than humans.


Shichiko-hoji (seven glittering jewels) are the strongest Edel Raids. There are seven in total but Reverie Metherlence (aka Ren) is the last surviving one.

Known Edel Raids and their PledgersEdit

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