Name in Japanese ビーゾン
Rōmaji Translation Biizon
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kazuhiro Nakata
Voice Actor (English) Scott McNeil
Personal Info
Gender Male
Race Human

Beazon (ビーゾン Biizon?) is the self-proclaimed lord of El Blanca. He suppresses the villagers by forcing them to pay for his steam power with their own daughters after he blocked the path of the wind blowing their windmill. He then sells the girls to a black market dealer for large sums of money. Beazon kidnaps Ren at night after he is tipped off by a villager who allowed Cou and Ren to rest at his house. He seeks power and only sees Parl as a mere tool to be used. After he discovers Ren to be the Shichiko-Hoju, he battles Cou to attempt to gain more power but he is defeated after Cou discovers the Song, Euros Loop, which decimates his entire manor. It was assumed that Beazon was killed until later volumes reveal that he has survived albeit with grievous injuries. It also seems that he has been driven completely insane and now harbors a pathological fear of all Edel Raids.

In the anime, he is the lord of an unnamed village instead. His only appearance is during the first five episodes of the series. Due to this, he appears to have died after Cou's final battle with him inside of his castle.