Name in Japanese アジェンナ
Rōmaji Translation Ajenna
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tomoko Fujino
Voice Actor (English) Tabitha St. Germain
Personal Info
Gender Female
Race Edel Raid
Affiliation/s Chaos Choir

Aljeena (アジェンナ Ajenna) is one of the leaders of Chaos Choir, she too is an Edel Raid. She wears a red ribbon in her pink hair and embraces a rabbit doll. Despite having a cute appearance, she is cruel to those who anger her. She attacks using Sting Raids as ammo in a cannon attached to her right arm. She Reacts with Ren alongside Orfus and Jilltail when Cou's ties are broken. After losing their Reaction with Ren by Cou singing the forgotten song with her, Aljeena reforms and joins Orfus and Jilltail in forming a peace with Arc Aile.